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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Private wealth management is a comprehensive combination of financial planning, investment management, and personal relationship, with the ultimate aim of helping clients achieve their financial life goals.

Personal financial planning is a process of making decisions about all areas of your financial life. The process includes gathering information about your assets, liabilities, spending, and income; discussing and identifying goals and objectives; modeling and presenting financial strategies; then implementing the plan using either tax and legal strategies or investment and risk management recommendations.

The financial planning process is an art and a science where a good planner can literally lead a client through a process of self-discovery about how they feel about money and what they want to accomplish with their lives. We believe that excellent financial planning is just as much about people and families as it is about computer modeling and the latest tax strategies.

A financial planner seeks to be a trusted counselor who can help guide you through making good decisions in what can be a complicated financial world. Excellent planners can help you to be more objective and less emotional in your decision-making process. They can also help educate you about tax and legal issues that can be difficult to understand. A comprehensive financial plan involves expertise in a variety of disciplines that most individuals probably don’t have the time to properly research.

Our clients have large, complex financial situations that require comprehensive, integrated, and personalized advice. We serve as our clients’ financial advocate, helping them to find the most suitable financial plan and service offerings for their needs. We also provide direction and coordination for our clients’ other advisors so that our clients are relieved of day-to-day concerns about the management of their financial affairs. While our clients’ investable assets typically exceed $1 million, we are able to serve clients at every asset level.  We are also proud to serve multiple generations of many of our client families.

Our best clients value and implement our feedback and advice. They take advantage of the ongoing financial and investment-related education we offer. While it is not a requirement, we know that the best Noble Birch clients are individuals looking to establish a close, long-lasting relationship with their financial advisor.

Although we are based in Iowa, we work with clients all over the country.  We are big believers in ongoing, proactive communication.  Every client has a personalized communication plan, ensuring our out-of-the-area clients have the same positive experience our local clients enjoy.

To do that, we use…

  • Zoom and other video conferencing options for virtual strategy meetings.
  • A highly secure online client vault to store and exchange sensitive financial documents.
  • Wealthscan 360°™ , our proprietary process and interactive portal allowing our clients to examine their financial plans and see how changes to different variables may affect their outcomes.
  • Email, text and our website for client updates, briefings, and announcements.

First, you can expect us to get to know you well. We strive to learn as much as possible about our clients because it helps us to guide them toward better financial decisions.

Second, you can expect attention to detail, prompt response to letters, calls and emails, clear reasoning for our recommendations, diligent execution of the tasks at hand, and confidentiality in all matters.

Finally, you can expect absolute honesty and integrity in every meeting, every observation, and every recommendation we make. You can and should expect us to adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards in every aspect of our relationship.

Once the account is opened the transfer process normally takes anywhere from 5-14 days depending on where the transfer is coming from.

Funds can be sent in the mail as a check or via ACH direct deposit, typically within 1-5 days.  We encourage you to establish Distributions on Demand so that you can request and receive funds very quickly if needed.   Clients that desire regular deposits can establish automatic systematic distributions.