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Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro

Dave Ramsey is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, author and personal finance expert.

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Why Use a SmartVestor Pro?

SmartVestor Pro's have to earn their place on Dave Ramsey's list.

Being a SmartVestor Pro isn’t easy; it’s hard work because SmartVestors are held to a higher standard of excellence. As a SmartVestor, we pay a fee to cover website maintenance and employment costs; however, Dave's endorsement is not bought—it's earned. Dave has a 45-person team that interviews potential SmartVestors to ensure we will provide you with the same advice Dave would give. Dave expects us to treat you the same way he would: with the heart of a teacher, not the attitude of a salesman.

We are proud to represent Dave Ramsey in the Quad Cities Area.

The SmartVestor program is a directory of investment professionals.  Neither Dave Ramsey nor SmartVestor are affiliates of Noble Birch Wealth Management or LPL Financial.

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